Friday, 29 June 2012

Cooktown setback

After the last accident, time was spent taking it easy resting the knee and i was keen to get on a ledge again once i felt i was up to it. At first i explored Archer Point which was a wild and windy place.

After the wind died down for a couple of days, there was also a spot i wanted to check out in Cooktown but i had no idea of the terrain so i packed light with just a spin rod and took off for a hike. Half way, the treck became quite difficult and at that point i should have turned around but i figured if i took it easy i should be ok.

Once i made it down the to the beach, the track stopped and i went up the grassy hill on the other side.

From there the terrain became worse with high grass and boulders underneath. Increasingly i became worried about snakes as i re-lived an incident i had some months ago on the NSW north coast. I had to go to the toilet and armed with some dunny paper i looked for a low impact spot between the boulders. I found a nice spot between two boulders which were at head height and provided some ocean view while doing the bisso. Just as i was pulling my pants down i saw a snake launching itself at eye level towards me and as he came towards me, i instinctively fell backwards Matrix style and the snake fell to the ground and took off between the boulders. From what i saw, it might have been a coastal python which would have put some wind up me if i got bitten.
So with that in mind, no phone reception and walking through knee high grass i decided to get out of there.

On the way down back to the beach the inevitable happened, i slipped over and stinging pain went through the knee. More annoyed than anything else i limped back up the hill to the car. Looks like out of action again for a while.

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