Sunday, 15 April 2012

Breakwall Blues

Fishing was slow in the area and a nice patch of water further up north looked promising for a Spanish Mackeral so i planned for a 5 day trip. On the first day there was a lot of activity and just before lunchtime my reel screemed off faster than ever. By the time i scrambled to my rod and unhooked the safety clip, a fair amount of line already left the reel, but when i tried to set the hook i felt nothing. As it turned out, most likely a Spanish Macheral had taken my bait and a mate bit off the cigar float i was using. A few minutes later the guys further down the wall landed a nice Spanish Mackeral.

During the afternoon, a pod of Dolphins gorged themselfes on a school of sea mullet, which was a great site.

The next few days there was less activity and the rain started to return when late afternoon as i started to pack up, my reel went off again. It felt like a Tuna and as i was the only one fishing, i had to screw my gaff back together whist fighting the fish. Coming in close, i had to freespool the fish several times to get it within range to gaff it on a flat rock. It was another Longtail Tuna of 12.5kg

With more heavy rain forecast, it was most likely the river was about to spill out dirty water. So i made my way back to the van, hoping to hook another Spanish somewhere on my travels.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Collins class Bonito

Settling in around Forster, a few days were spent fishing once again. The first few days i planned to spend south, hoping for a Cobia or a Longtail Tuna, however the only action we saw on the ledge were two Mack Tuna, two small Kingfish i managed to catch and the biggest Bonito i have seen so far.

Further north seemed like a better option and i spent the next few days spinning at one of Australia's most iconic locations which i first saw on a DVD by Ron Culcutt "Spinning for Spaniards". Anticipation was high on daybreak as the lures zipped through the water but we couldn't find any fish at all. Later during the day when the sun was sitting high, sightcasting took over where the fish are spotted from high above and the aim was to cast a lure directly in their path. 
Over the time i was there we saw two pairs of Longtail Tuna but they just weren't interested in the lures we offered.

Even though i haven't seen any fish caught, this was an exciting way to fish and although exhausting, i hope to do it again before moving further up the coast.